Lodge Repairs

Gutters are damaged and not managing water flow


August 20… We have hired a contracter (recommended by Brother Scott Wallace) to replace the gutters, repair and paint all the fascia board, and strip and paint all the exterior wood.  Work should begin in early September. 

Keep and eye on our progress and keep those contributions coming!

Our Lodge is in need of repairs to keep it a place for fellowship for years to come.

The time is now to come forward.

The gutters are hanging from the roofline and not providing water management away from the foundation of the builing.   Window sills are badly in need of painting to seal the wood so that the integrity of the windows are maintained.

Estimates for replacing the gutters along with stripping and painting the outside wood have been far more than we have available in our Bulding Fund.   Consider making a donation to the Lodge so that this work can be done now before the repairs become more major in nature.

Send donations to:
Freedom Lodge Building Fund
PO Box 293
Lovettsville, VA 20180

Change Mason Jars are available at the Lodge.  Deposit your loose change and bring them back full to the Lodge.   Thank you in advance for your support!