Walk of Masonry

The  WALK OF MASONRY reprisal!!
Order your bricks today — $118 each as a donation to Freedom Lodge


Please consider making a donation to Freedom Lodge by ordering your very own brick for our Walk of Masonry.

Brother Chuck, Brother J David, Worshipful Dick, and RW Harris have refreshed the Walkway – reset the bricks, placed new ones, and sealed the edges of the bricks.
Great work Brothers!
Freedom Front View (2014)
Freedom’s new look with the Walk of Masonry
Work on our Walk of Masonry started today (Sat.).  Wor. Dick Phillips  and I removed the old walk today. Wor. Dick did most of the work as you can see  in the attached photo.  Bro. Fred George also lent us his large truck  with a dump bed and we removed the rubbish to his farm where it was  dumped.  We also used Bro. Fred’s truck to haul two bucket loads each of  sand and fill dirt from Wor. Dick’s.
As most of you know, operative work continues tomorrow at high twelve  (noon).  Bring shovels, rakes, and gloves. We will need lots of help, so if  there is anyway you can make it please do.
S&F Harris
Dick on backhoe




Click the link above to open the order form for Freedom’s Walk of Masonry.

It is our goal to replace the crumbling front entrance pavement with a new brick walk comprised of commerative paver bricks.   Become a permanent supporter of Freedom Lodge by donating a brick for our front walk.

There are 3 formats available for the pavers:
Format 1:  3 lines of text – 20 character maximum per line – NO EMBLEM
Format 2:  2 lines of text – 20 character maximum per line – emblem on center line
Format 3:  3 lines of text – 12 character maximum per line – emblem to the left of the text

Emblems available at present include:  Blue Lodge, Past Master’s Jewel, Royal Arch, AMD, Shrine, Eastern Star, and Rainbow Girls   (see order form for selection)

All text will be centered on each line and letters engraved in all CAPITALS.

Members of any organization recognized by the Grand Lodge of Virginia are encouraged to donate a brick for the walk.  Suggested text might be your name, Lodge, and date of raising.  But, any Masonic message is welcome.

We are looking to get the first fify bricks ordered for installation in March.   Hope to see you on the Walk of Masonry.